A Detailed Insight on How to Pick the Right Career

A Detailed Insight on How to Pick the Right Career

You have completed your graduation. Now it is time to step out into the real world and work your way through it. The question that lingers in your mind is what you should do next. The major question popping in your mind is **how to pick the right career. **Always keep in mind before deciding on a career and choosing the path, that this choice is a stepping-stone for all future success you will encounter in your life. Always make sure the career path is not linear. It is a race where you might face many hurdles but overcoming them eventually makes you gain immense experience.

The steps on how to choose your career path is as follows:

**Be Aware of Your Strengths and Other Skills **

The first step in the process of selecting a career path is aware of what your skills are and where your strengths lie. It is important that you assess yourself. When it comes to strengths, you can have the talent of managing your time efficiently, excellent decision-making skills, breathtaking reasoning abilities, or you have a personality that can charm others. You can be strong in the field of technology or might be a whiz kid when it comes to numbers. You could be a fantastic artist to play with colors or a creative person to play with words. It is essential to list out these strengths and skills for more clarity.

A SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is an ideal way to analyze yourself and know where you stand. You can even sit down with your family and friends and ask for their inputs. Or another way of knowing strengths and weaknesses is by taking a personality test, which undergoes a thorough evaluation.

Know What Excites You

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Once you have a sound knowledge of where your strengths and weaknesses lie, the next step in your quest of how to pick the right career is knowing what excites you. One of the important steps before knowing where your interests lie, it is good to identify your goals. Based on the goals you want to achieve, think of choosing a career. Be aware of where your passion and interests lie. Being strong in a field does not mean the career is carved out for you. Ensure to be interested in the area because it is the passion and sound knowledge of the field that will fuel you to reach great heights in your chosen field.

**Create a List of Opportunities in the Chosen Field **

Once you have decided the field that you are passionate about, the next step is to create a list of opportunities available for you. It does not have the same kind of work or just a single job. You can take up many jobs when it comes to a particular field. For example, if you consider the field of Mathematics, you can go for a teaching job or in the research field. In teaching, you can bifurcate into teaching in a school or a college. If you consider the health care sector, you can be a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or work in the research and development department.

Once you have decided the field and the job you want to pursue, it is important to understand the responsibilities entailing with a job. Research about it and make sure you are fit for it.

**Deciding the Final Steps **

You have chosen the field and job and completed your internship. Now you are confident of what to do and what not (by the way, here are some tips on how to boost your self-confidence). You have a definite answer to the question of **how to pick the right career. **The next step in reaching your destination of landing in a job that you love is deciding whether the job requires you to study further, equip yourself with more qualification. If it is required then choose a college providing the best courses related to your field and enroll in one of them.

If further education is not required then the next step to consider is creating a resume. This is the most important step. Create a resume that is attractive and has all the points to impress an employer. Make sure it is crisp and clear. Finally, apply in the companies that you feel does the work you prefer, has values, and entrusts you with responsibilities aligned with your ideals.

Draw Up A Career Plan

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One of the important steps while finding the answer for a question on how to pick the right career is drawing up a career plan. Once you land up in your dream job, it is important to sustain in it and the chosen field for a long time. Moreover, drafting a career plan helps you in this aspect. A career plan is a written document, which you can create and put up in your room. It contains a road map to achieve the goals through your career. Write down the short-term and long-term goals to achieve in your job. Include all the hurdles you might encounter through the course of your job and the way to overcome them.

Finally, you are set for a career and a job that you always dreamt of!