3 Best Meditation Cushions

3 Best Meditation Cushions

Are you a yoga enthusiast or regular meditator? During meditation, there are some cardinal things that you need to consider. The primary one is your comfort as you sit in the lotus position. Remember that meditating means that you need to forget everything distracting and focus on one thing. It is at this juncture that a comfortable meditation pillow comes in handy. Having an uncomfortable pillow destroys everything as meditation is all about forgetting about such distractions. For that reason, there’s the need to have the best meditation cushion to sit on.

Choosing this pillow from the numerous kinds available may prove to be an arduous task for everyone. However, we are aware of your possible struggle to establish the best pillow for your meditation sessions. As such, we decided to research for you the three best meditation cushions to help you get the best from your meditation exercises. Here’s the list that we came up with after extensive research. Have a look at the following top-of-the-line meditation cushion types currently on the market.

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

This is one of the top-rated meditation cushions in the markets presently. The cushions are of high quality and also useful in fulfilling all your meditation needs. Here are some of the outstanding features of the cushion:

Perfect for all levels of meditation

Meditation is not a one-dimensional activity. There are usually variations that may require different attires to perform. However, the best way to approach meditation is to have a cushion that can be suited for all the meditation activities that you intend to engage in. You don’t require to carry like four different meditation pillows when you can have one that serves all the purposes. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow could be your cushion of choice when you choose a versatile kind. This cushion is perfect for all meditation and yoga activities. Its major selling point is the comfort that it gives the user when engaging in the meditation activities. It will give you all the comfort that you want while in a sitting position.

Easy to clean

Cleanliness is important in yoga and meditation. You require to have a serene environment that is free from dirt or anything that cause you discomfort. This pillow is made in a way that it is easy to wash the covers when they get dirty. The cushion features the modern round design, and the outer cover is made of an easy to clean material. Therefore, anytime dirt accumulates, you can easily remove it and wash.


You need a cushion that can be easily customized to fit your preferred postures for excellent meditation performance. This pillow is made using an organic cotton inner liner that holds it in the appropriate position. This liner ensures that the pillow fill can be easily removed and replaced during sessions to deliver the desired firmness for each meditation or yoga activity.


Some yoga classes do not provide one with a meditation cushion, and it is up to the individuals to carry their own. The reason behind this is obvious. Each one has a particular cushion that they find best during the meditation exercise. For that reason, there’s a need for the meditation cushion to be easy to carry around. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow has a carrying handle that enables one to easily ferry it from home to the mediation class and back without strain. The best meditation cushion should meet even the details that many might consider being minute, such as carrying around. This brand perfectly fits the billing.

Supportive capability

Another thing that makes this pillow one of the best meditation cushions is its ability to hold all the body weight without showing any signs of shrinking. This is supported by the natural buckwheat fill, which ensures that it is compact enough to support the body’s weight. Remember that while sitting in the lotus position during Yoga, all the body weight is accumulated in the hip region. For that reason, a compact supportive meditation pillow comes in handy. Without doubt, these outstanding features make the Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow one of the best meditation cushions that one can get from the market.

**Buckwheat Meditation Cushion **

One of the many concerns that many people raise about meditation cushions is that they can only be hand washed, which is a tedious process. However, with this brand, that shouldn’t be a worry at all as it can be machine washed easily. But this is just a tip of the iceberg of the prominent characteristics of this meditation cushion. It features many other crucial qualities that make it be among the best meditation cushions in the market. Some of these prominent properties include:

Variation of sizes

There are primarily two subclasses of the cushions. There’s the crescent type as well as the Zafu cushions. The Crescent model measures 5” high x 17” wide while the Zafu type is 5.5” high and 15” wide. The variation of the meditation pillow sizes enables the users to choose what suits them best. The model, therefore, gives you an array of choices based on your body size as well as your personal preference.

Made for comfort

Meditation goes hand in hand with comfort. This pillow has naturally sourced buckwheat fiber to create a sturdy shape that is best for meditation activities. Also, the meditation cushion adapts to your body shape, and this is meant to enhance your comfort. The pillow is also durable meaning that it will offer you good service for an extended period. It is covered with a cotton sealing that is easily removable to enable washing.

Assorted colors and style

What stands out about this brand is that it doesn’t generalize the people’s needs. Instead, it goes down to the specifics, and for that reason, there are different styles that you can choose from. For those who love the conventional round shaped pillow, it is available. Also, those who prefer the more contemporary crescent-shaped kind, it is also present. There are also different kinds of colors to choose from. You can choose your favorite colors, and you are good to go. Also, the pillows are easy to ferry from home to the yoga class and back, and the well-made carrier handle enhances this.

Ergonomic design

Meditating ought to be deep, and this can only be achieved where there is a comfort. This pillow is made using an ergonomic design that enables proper alignment of your spine to the floor to create the right-angled arc that is necessary during meditation. While in the lotus position, your back and hip bones are stretched. With this pillow, the stretch is not as painful as the pillow ensures that these bones are in their appropriate position. If you’ve been experiencing pain during meditation, then this pillow is your remedy. With it, the experience is absolutely pain-free. Instead, your body will optimally benefit from the meditation sessions, and what better would you need? Therefore check out on this pillow and purchase your favorite color and design.

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Pillow Cushion

This yoga and meditation cushion is sold in a package that contains one piece. It is also one of the best meditation cushions and features several properties that every individual would like to associate with their favorite Yoga pillow. Some of the prominent features associated with this cushion include the following:

Remedy from numb limbs

Yoga should be a relieving exercise, and when it turns out to be hurtful, there’s a big problem. One of the causes of numb limbs after a Yoga exercise is using a cushion that is of low quality. This brand is meant to give you relief from such a feeling if you’ve been experiencing pain after performing Yoga and meditation. The cushion will also effectively act as a yoga block allowing you to practice all sorts of poses that you want.

Removable full zip cotton cover

You need to clean your meditation cushion frequently as an accumulation of dirt and dust will act as a distraction, especially during exercising. This cushion has an easy to clean cotton cover, and you can clean it on the washing machine to save time. Also, it is easy to carry the cushion as it has a handle on the cover that facilitates this.


The inside of this cushion is filled with buckwheat hulls that are placed in a sealed cover to enable removal during cleaning. The hulls are responsible for giving the meditation cushion a compact and firm feel. A firm cushion cannot shrink easily, and this is important in ensuring that it can support body weight during the meditation session.

Wide color variety

The pillows are available in many colors to give you an array of choices, depending on your taste. Add joy to your meditation sessions by choosing the color that you find highly attractive and possibly enhance the beauty of your recreational area.

Wrapping up

Finding the best meditation cushions shouldn’t be a hassle any more now that we’ve introduced you to the above three best types. Rest assured that you can’t go wrong with any of them. Grab one for yourself soonest possible and if you do, your meditation experience shall never be the same again.