Find the Best Bullet Journal

Find the Best Bullet Journal

Have you ever tried to attend meetings without writing down points somewhere? If you have, you definitely understand how much information is lost. It isn’t easy to survive without a bullet journal in the corporate world. Also, planning is an essential aspect of many office employees. Nobody wants to find themselves in a situation where they’ve got a lot to attend to without a clear plan on how to approach each task. The significance of a journal book cannot be undermined at all costs.

However, do you know that any bullet journal is not necessarily helpful in office work? Ignore those who just walk down to the nearest shop and buy any book to record their stuff. There are selected journal books that are proven to be useful accompaniments to many as they offer superior features than others in the market. Let’s have a look at some of these selected brands that have passed the test of time and usefulness in aiding many renowned office employees and business owners to attend to their tasks seamlessly.

Beechmore Books Premium British Notebook

As the name suggests, this bullet journal takes the user back to the older times with the sleek British designs that were commonly used by people in the past. If you are looking for the best bullet journal, chances are that you won’t go wrong with it. The bullet journals are manufactured by Beechmore Books, a company that began producing the books to deliver high-quality and affordable notebooks. What sets this bullet journal book apart from many others manufactured by renowned brands is the improved craftsmanship applied in manufacturing that ensures that the notebook can stay in good condition for long.

An old adage goes that big ideas need to be scribbled somewhere. This notebook offers the user that platform to write down anything and the information is still readable even after many years. If its reminders, few in the market offer a better design than Premium British Notebook in listing down things that you don’t want to forget. Also, you need to keep your day spiced up by having an inspiration post somewhere that you can access it almost at all times. This bullet journal offers it all. If you haven’t come across this bullet journal, the following are some of the qualities that you would expect to come across:

Uniquely thicker paper

The notebooks are usually 160 pages meaning you can have as many leaves to get you sorted for almost half a year. However, this is not the major selling point that has made many people believe that this is the best bullet journal notebook. The notebook features thicker paper than many other brands with a thickness of 120 gsm. This is to ensure that the paper is resistant to the erasure of information over time, ink bleeding and shading. For those who love using a fountain pen, this is undoubtedly the best bullet journal to purchase. The papers are uniquely designed to give the user a good feel as he/she scribbles down essential points.

Engineered perfection

The best bullet journal notebook should give its user some confidence when out in a meeting with important people. The Premium British Notebook has taken care of that by using rigorous bookbinding technology that is set to deliver a 180 degrees lay-flat binding. This design makes it possible to take down notes with a single hand without having to hold the book with the other palm. Additionally, the book has a well-designed deep back pocket where the user can store important stuff such as business cards and receipts.

UK Designs

This bullet journal is made for those who love conventional British designs. The books feature vegan sources leather cover. The notebooks are available in varying colors that are well researched in the firms London Studio. The aim is to provide the user with the ultimate British style that exactly matches their preferences.


The bullet journal is multipurpose in use although it is made explicitly for the note-taking individuals who want a sleek book to capture essential details. One can buy it for an individual who loves taking notes or even traveling as they scribble down critical information.

This bullet journal is the best deal that you can get in the market. Considering its unique and superior features, the book retails at $ 16.95.

**Paipur Premium Bullet Journal **

Commonly referred to as premium PAIPUR Notebooks, this notebook is made to provide its user with nearly all that they need to get their schedule organized. With many people seeing it as the best bullet journal notebook, it comes in a variety of colors such as light blue, black, mixed colors, red and white. The notebook offers the versatility of useful options to the user. If one needs a Daily appreciation journal, this is the best to settle on. Another everyday use of the Premium Bullet Journal Notebook is as a school homework notebook where one can list down the things to do in a simplified manner. The book can also be used as a planner, to create a to-do list and even scribble down notes while in a meeting in bullet form.


Many manufacturers are known to create marketing hypes to increase the number of sales. With this notebook, you can be assured that all the mentioned qualities are not exaggerated at all. What’s more, is that this is the ultimate planner that you require to ensure that you keep check of your daily expenditures. After reviewing what you’ve spent at the end of the month, you can plan better on how to cut on unnecessary spending. Imagine having a bullet journal to record all the data that you need. Such a notebook will aid you to plan for other areas such as fitness, productivity, and even spirituality. The versatility in designing options that you can undertake with this notebook is just incredible.


You need to embrace every opportunity as a chance to create something new and unique. This bullet journal is one of the best in the markets to aid your course in this front. With the notebook, you can record everything that you find helpful, and this will help you improve on your creative aspects. Also, the journal can be the perfect gift to loved ones who have content creation aspirations. Remember that the most magnificent ideas began with a simple scribble.

Don’t miss any moment

It is said that great ideas come early in the morning. With this notebook at the side of your bed, you can capture all that you find necessary in a simplified manner to reflect on later in the day.

Enjoy the Guarantee

PAIPUR bullet journals came with a return option if you don’t find it fulfilling to your needs. What notebook has better terms than those? You need to get yourself one and test if indeed the said qualities are genuine. You can, however, be sure that your chances of returning it are minimal. For just $15.95 you can have your notebook delivered to your doorstep and commence enjoying the thrilling experience that comes with using the bullet journal.

**Refleris Premium Bullet Notebook **

This premium bullet journal is specially made for individuals who love black as it is the only available color. It is the best bullet journal for those who love faux leather hard covered notebooks. The notebook is specially designed that its surface feels like a human hand. The manufacturer is a firm believer in high quality, and as such, the notebooks are of superior make to fulfill the needs of the most demanding customers. Out of this will to perfect their products, Refleris have managed to manufacture one of the most uniquely made notebooks that leave nothing to question.

Perfect Gift

Do you know that many people appreciate multipurpose gifts more than ones that can only be used singularly? This Premium notebook offers the user a versatility of options in usage making it a perfect gift to your loved ones. With the journal, the user can fulfill numerous tasks such as organizing their schedules, planning their days, creating a to-do list and many other kinds of uses that are common in day to day office work. The notebook is popular among writers, entrepreneurs, artists, students, freelancers and people from many other walks of life. Its increased popularity adds proof to its superior quality.

Great convenience

The notebook is usually A5 in size making it easy to hold in one palm. It features other unique qualities such as two bookmark, 180° lay-flat sewn binding, an inside pocket to put valuables such as receipts and cards, and smooth paper with an ivory look.

Unique design

The appearance of the notebook is just unique, and you can’t wait to begin using it in a high profile meeting. The minimalist logo on the notebook’s cover completes the unique appeal that you only find in the expensive notebooks at the store. However, surprisingly, despite the attractive look, the bullet journal retails at a very pocket-friendly price. The book sells at $20, and you can buy it online for the quick delivery to your place of residence or work.

Great value for your money

The notebook is 198 pages meaning that the user has got long usage time before replacing it. Its papers are of premium quality with 100 gsm to ensure that bleeding is unwelcome while using it. It is adaptable for use with any pen without the ink spreading to unwanted areas.

Parting shot

You need to get value for your money while buying a bullet journal. The above listed three kinds are some of the best in the market, and it is up to you to decide which one suits your preferences. Remember that your appearance profoundly influences the ability to close down business deals and the bullet journal that you carry during meetings plays a significant role in this. Therefore, settle for the best bullet journal. Also, click here to find the best pens for your bullet journal.