Granitestone Non-stick Pan Review

Granitestone Non-stick Pan Review

A pancake or some eggs in the morning? A pizza during the weekend? whatever you prefer, a good cooking/frying pan comes in handy. They say garbage in garbage out, but even the highest-quality inputs result can result in crappy output, especially if a process doesn’t employ the right tools.

Ever eaten a pizza and you are like “Damn! Was this roasted or boiled?” if you are the cook, you’ll definitely have some “shame on me” time. Fortunately, it’s something that you can fix. If you are well skilled, then it means that the pan you’re using is responsible for your woes.

Imagine having a frying/cooking pan that doesn’t allow food to stick, one you can use to cook food without having to oil, and produces great tasting food. That’s the ideal pan, right? Many manufacturers have to come up with such pans and in this review; we’ll focus on a granite rock pan by E Mishan And Sons Inc - Granitestone Non-stick Pan.

So, what is behind the popularity of the granite rock pan? Is it something that comes as a result of great value or it is just an overrated product? Well, you’ll get to know about that right here.

What the Pan Promises

*Supports oil/butter-free cooking *

Due to various health concerns that are connected to the use of cooking oils, many people are cutting on the amount of oil they use while cooking food while others have done away with the oils completely. As such, there’s increased demand for cooking utensils that can cook food well even if oil or butter isn’t used.

Featuring three food-grade layers, Granitestone Pan claims to be free from age and heat-induced warping. Therefore, you can cook, fry or bake in it without using oil or butter free and no food will be left sticking on its surface.

*High scratch resistance *

Perhaps you’ve come across a pan that will get scratched at the slightest contact with sharp cutlery like spatula or fork. This can make your pan to lose its integrity really fast because a minor scratch can lead to a massive peeling of the pan’s surface layer.

Granitestone Pan asserts that it’s your savior from scratch issues. With three food-grade granite layers forming a rock-like surface, the pan promises sturdiness that withstands scratches. We are going to see if it really lives to the promise.

Even and fast heat conductivity

If you love searing steaks, most likely you’ve realized that some pans can be very annoying, thanks to their slow and uneven heat distribution. Eventually, you might have steaks that taste and look as if they’ve been roasted.

However, this pan claims to be different, with a pressed aluminum core which is characterized by high conductivity and even distribution of heat. As such, it is capable of baking at higher temperatures than that of regular cake baking and still produces very satisfactory results.

*PFOA-free cooking experience *

One of the major concerns that people have with many non-stick cookware, especially Teflon pans, is the presence of Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). If the acid is used in the manufacturing of Teflon (a synthetic resin that prevents food from sticking), people who eat food from the respective cookware have increased vulnerability to polymer fume fever and Teflon-flu. Teflon with PFOA breaks at high temperatures and releases poisonous fumes which can lead to health issues if inhaled. This is especially good for people who are into a healthy diet.

Although this granite rock pan has a Teflon layer, it is PFOA-free. Therefore, it doesn’t produce the toxic fumes even when heated to high temperatures. It is oven-safe up to 260° Celsius (500° Fahrenheit).

Stay-cool handles

An ideal pan should have a handle that’s a poor conductor of heat; one that won’t get your beautiful hand burnt even when the pan is heated to the highest possible temperatures. On that note, the granite rock pan tells you that it got you covered. It positions itself as cookware with a handle that doesn’t get hot even if the rest of the pan is extremely hot.

Easy cleaning

Since the granite rock pan is non-stick, it’s cleaning is a breeze. Scrubbing it with a sponge and warm/hot soapy water and then rinsing it with clean water gets it spotlessly clean. Besides, it is dishwasher safe.

Our Findings

We bought this pan to exclusively establish if it lives up to how we see it advertised and here are our experiences with it.

Even heating

When heating this pan, we expected it to heat as quickly and evenly as a Teflon pan. However, partially, that wasn’t the case. This granite rock pan is slower in heating than Teflon pan, but its heat distribution is just okay. To save time, you can preheat it for a few minutes as you are prepping before putting whatever you want to cook on it.

Sturdiness and durability

We intentionally scrapped the pan slightly hard with a spatula and a fork and true to its word, it just got a minor scratch that didn’t seem to cause more peeling to the coating any time soon. The non-stick surface is so thick that surface scratches don’t make it fall apart. Better still, no scratch formed when we used a spatula to turn eggs and other foods.

Besides, when storing it, we put other pans inside it and impressively, it doesn’t get scratched as a result of that. So, we can unreservedly say that yes, this pan has a thick coating that’s not easy to scratch or peel. However, you should avoid rough the use of metallic items on it to maintain, if not to extend, its lifespan.

Non-stick benefit

To establish if this granite rock pan is really non-stick, we tried to use it to make swirling oil-free eggs. We had two eggs which we cooked separately; one on high heat and the other one on medium heat.

Although both eggs got cooked, some parts of the one cocked on high heat stuck on the surface of the pan. Nevertheless, the sticking was not as much as that of an aluminum pan.

On the other hand, the one cooked with medium heat became loose with just a slight swirling and slid off perfectly. None of it remained stuck on the pan.

Therefore, if you want to cook an oil-free egg using the granite rock pan, medium heat will give you the best results. The cooked egg will have a firm texture and won’t stick to the pan’s surface.

Besides eggs, we also tried the pan with fish and hamburger and the results were impressive too. Nothing stuck while cooking at medium temperatures.

Stay-cool handles

When cooking with it on a stove, we realized that pan’s handle remained cool to the touch just as it claims. Nevertheless, the handle got a bit hot when we used the pan to bake in an oven at extremely high temperatures of 260° Celsius or thereabout. Therefore, it’s advisable that you put on heat protective tools when you want to remove the pan from such a hot oven.

*Toxic-free cooking *

We took the granite rock pan to a laboratory where its fumes at different temperatures were tested. Unlike Teflon pans, this pan didn’t produce toxic PFOA fumes when used at temperatures not exceeding 260° Celsius (500° Fahrenheit). However, beyond that, it produced the fumes. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the temperature of your oven doesn’t go beyond 260° Celsius if the pan is inside to avoid health issues that result from inhaling the hazardous fumes.

Easy cleaning

After cooking, we put this beautiful granite rock pan in a dishwasher and it emerged clean and still in its perfect shape. Another time, we decided to clean it by hand. after wiping it down using a paper towel, we washed it with hot water, dish soap and a sponge, rinsed it with clean water and it was sparkly clean.

Nevertheless, we realized that things were a bit different when it had an egg crust stuck on its surface. The above method couldn’t get it clean. So, we decided to scrub it with a scouring pad- a grave mistake. The pad left some scratches. You don’t want that to happen to your pan, do you? Therefore, the best way is to soak the food-stuck pan in cold water for some time for the stuck food to become so loose that a sponge will be able to scrub it off the surfaces later.

Pros and Cons

Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of Granitestone pan:


  • It is non-stick if moderately heated
  • Its coating doesn’t peel easily
  • High scratch resistance allowing the use of metallic items like spatulas and spoons during cooking
  • Safe for baking in an oven as long as the temperature doesn’t exceed 260° Celsius
  • The handle doesn’t get hot no matter how a pan is heated on a stove
  • Pressed aluminum core supports even heat distribution


  • It isn’t always non-stick- extremely high heating can cause food to stick

Parting Shot

Granitestone non-stick Pan is an efficient, healthy and durable granite rock pan for baking, frying, searing, browning as well as sauteing various foods. It is worth every coin in its price.