Home Office Tips

Home Office Tips

stay productive at home

When it comes to work in your home office, there are two types of people: Those who love it and those who hate it.

I'm most certainly type one. I just love everything about it. I love that I can split up my day and do my work in peace without being interrupted by my co-workers every 5 seconds.

My girlfriend on the other hand it type two. She likes the constant communicating in an office. She likes that she can just go to a co-workers desk and talk to them directly instead of picking up the phone or shoot them a message via slack.

But in times of a pandemic like right now, we (for the most part) can't choose wether we're working from home or going into the office. So most of us are working from home right now.

So it doesn't matter wether you prefer working from home or not - you just have to sometimes. I have created a list with a few tips and tricks to stay productive in your home office.

keep your TV turned of

home-office-productivity-tv Your TV is one of the biggest productivity killers. You might think: "I just turn on the news really quick to see what's going on". But this ends with you watching Seinfeld re-runs with a bag of Cheetos on your Couch.

Well, it might not be this bad, but you get the idea. You can't do two things at once and still be productive. Plus, most people need peace and quietness to do their work.

So just keep your TV turned off.

don't work from your couch

Don't work from your couch A couch is way too comfortable to do your best work and it's better for your posture to sit upright at a desk. Sure it can be nice to sit on your couch instead of an office chair for a few minutes - but you should keep it just minutes.

A couch is for chilling. And when you're working you shouldn't be chilling.

invest in good office furniture

Home Office Furniture Like I wrote earlier - I'm used to working from home. When I switched from working in an office to work working from home - the first thing I did was to buy a good height adjustable desk and office chair. You can't do good work if you're not sitting good.

And with a height adjustable desk you can alternate between working standing up and sitting - your back will thank you!

take breaks

Take Breaks This one is true for working in an actual office as well. You always should take breaks! For every working hour, you should take a 5 minute break. In that 5 minute break, you should do something that isn't related to your work. Just read a book, take a stretch or whatever - as long as it isn't work related.

pro tip: set a timer so that you don't miss your break.

work out on a regular basis

Work out Working out keeps you focused. And it helps you to keep your weight under control. Let's face it: When working from home we don't walk as much we would do in an office.

I never had a weight problem, but even I noticed I've going some pounds during this pandemic. This is because my gym is closed and I didn't work out from home.