How To Have Lucid Dreams

How To Have Lucid Dreams

A detailed walkthrough

Have you watched the movie, Inception by Christopher Nolan? The film talks of a concept called the “Dream within a Dream.” The lead actors were in the dream and were also competent enough to manipulate the visions they saw. What most people don't know is, that this isn't as science fiction as it sounds. In this article, I'm gonna show you how to have lucid dreams.

Have you just been dreaming and you also realized the same? Were you able to control the dream? If yes, you have only experienced what we call as Lucid dreaming.

We dream when we have a sound sleep, and we enter a fantasy world where we get to meet a few people from our real life in uncanny situations too. Besides these, the lucid dreams are also great at preventing any recurring nightmares from occurring. It has therapeutic effects and brings in peaceful night’s sleep. This is normal, and it is even more routine to wake up and have no memory of these at all. The big question is how to have lucid dreams.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

As experts claim the lucid dream is where the dreamers are well aware that they are dreaming is lucid dreaming. Instead, it is a state where you can control your actions in a dream and even come out of it.

You can also control your dreams and do what you wanted to do there. When the researchers tried taking stats of the number of people who ready to go for lucid dreaming, they were surprised. How to have lucid dreams?

People can get into Lucid dreaming state though many of them do so inadvertently. Usually, people can enter the Lucid dream state when they have Rapid Eye Movement (REM) in their sleep.

A few people who get lucid dreams claim they can get it when they are in a deep sleep. A few others say they get it when they wake up from sleep and are about to go to sleep again. That is to say, they get these dreams when they are half-asleep and not yet rooted in the dream state. Not everyone has excellent control of their dreams. Still, with practice, one can get these lucid dreams quickly. You will also need to take note of your environment or your surroundings with great details when you are awake. Take in all the details, and this will be essential for you to continue your practice to get lucid in dreams. Awareness of self and the environment plays a vital role in lucid dreaming.

Ways to Have Lucid Dreams

What is lucid dreaming -

Lucid dreaming is all about getting into a state of sub-consciousness. It will not be easy to get into a state and come out of it. If only people have that ease of getting into dreams, and fulfilling it, life would have been so much fun. To start with, you need to control your brain and be patient to switch on and off from your dreams to reality. Let us check the ways on how to have lucid dreams.

Take Notes of Your Dreams

When you open your eyes in the morning, you have faint memories of what you saw in the dream. Try to go back and recall what all transpired in the dream. Do not alter it but write it down. Not typing the thing down but writing it in a diary will be more effective. Go back to the exact words that happened in the dream and however ridiculous they may seem to be. Go for details without fail. It will be necessary for you to practice this to continue with the same dream later or even for referring to it then. Maybe even write a bullet journal.

Wake up Early to Record

Most of the times, people forget their dream because they stopped dreaming about it quite a while ago. So, to get it right, set your alarm very early in the morning. This means you will be still in your dream when the bell rings and you will have the recollection of your dreams fresh. You may even record the dream in a voice recorder. It is better for you since your eyes might not yet be open fully, and your writing may go haywire.

Watch Your Sleep Routine

If you notice yourself getting dreams when you are sleeping at ten every night, stick to that routine. The mind and the body takes note of these little changes. Since every person is different and has different sleeping patterns, you may need to keep a watch on this schedule. If you get more than one or two dreams a night, it is advisable to set alarms to go off at various points at night. It will make you wake up and record each time. Do not compromise on your sleep while you do this.

Get Good Sleep

As we just mentioned, do not adjust or break your sleep routine. Many people use lucid dreaming as a form of meditation and can use it for their benefit. But if you are not at peace getting up so many times at night or waking up very early to record, stop it there. Remember, that peace of mind is the most important thing. You will not be able to function through the day, if you have work to do around the house, take care of family members, or even have to drive. You may instead not record when you are suffering from some ailment or are under prescription drugs. If you are fine progressing with your Lucid dreaming process, you can go ahead and do more from it.

Take Reality Checks

When you are moving in and out of dreams at such regular pace, you may lose track. While the characters in inception used a totem to check their reality, you can use more straightforward methods. For instance, try re-reading lines in a book. If after reading once, the letters do not remain in the same position or go away, know that you are still in a dream. Another effective way is to find out by trying to push a brick wall with bare hands. In reality, your hand will create pressure, and in dreams, your hand will pass through them. Try moving around objects or even making things fly. When your things defy all laws of physics, you know you are in the dream state. Just pick any one or two of these checks to see when you are dreaming and when you are awake.

Time for the Lucid Dream

After you are done practicing these tricks we mentioned above, now try to implement it to get real dreams. You can get lucid dreams now and even be able to wake up feeling good. Start by going to dream you always have. Try going into it for as much depth as you want by adding all the attributes to it with patience. Do not rush and be ready to experience everything from deep emotional outburst to overwhelming happiness. If you practice the ways to get lucid dreams well enough, you can experience senses of touch and even mirror reactions to things in the dreams accurately.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Now that we have answered how to have lucid dreams let us check out the benefits of this dreaming.

Spiritual Relief

Some people do meditation claiming to go to a place where there is nothing around. A zero place where there is nothing but a flood of light, and only they are there. In Lucid dreams also you visit the location of your choice. You can even create a place and a city of your own. There are rules of physics you want to have, and you populate it with people of your choice. This is one of the most beautiful things about lucid dreaming. You get to be more self-aware when you are awake and even realize the potential of your brain even when you are sleeping. Spiritual enlightenment is one of the best benefits of going for lucid dreaming.

Break out of bad Habits

What you might be struggling to achieve in real life, you may do so with ease in your dreams. This is great for giving you the wings to achieve and even the confidence to do so in real life. Yes, there might be things that are practically in real life, but if it gives someone momentary peace and happiness in dreams, it is therapeutic.

Fulfilling Fantasies in Dreams

The reason for people to fall for drugs is to escape reality. However, in harmless dreams, you will be able to handle yourself better and fulfill all your dreams and desires of traveling abroad or going on a celebrity date and more. When there is no limit to the dreams you can have, is there any limit at all to anything? Certainly, not. You can find great satisfaction in real life since you know you can achieve the same by manipulating your dreams that night.

A few Valuable Parting Points

While the lucid dreaming is relieving and a stress buster just like meditation, your brain will not control dreams fully. That level of control is not achievable. There are mutual dreams many people have had with friends or partners. These are advanced methods and do not try to do any of these without properly getting a grip on reality.

The benefits of Lucid dreaming are so therapeutic to some, and oddly satisfying to some others. Hence, people look out for how to have lucid dreams and more on such issues. With patience and perseverance, you can train your brain to get these dreams and achieve whatever you aim to through them. You need to focus and do your best to make that control over your mind.