How To Make Money Playing Video Games

How To Make Money Playing Video Games

an esports career guide.

The world of video games is flourishing with the advancement of technology and the internet connection that is binding the real and the virtual world together. The virtual world of video games is being nourished into a new culture with the introduction of new concepts of gaming. The popularity of mobile games, computer games, etc. online are rising with every passing day, and people play games for money. In this article, we're going to tell you how to make money playing video games.

Facilities like multiplayer, voice chat through games, improvised animation, etc. are attracting more individuals to socialize through gaming platforms today. This new trend of “electronic sports” are being widely accepted and nourished to enhance the gamers’ experience through this platform. Gamers’ may get involved in the virtual world of video games as a competitor or just for pleasure and thrill. Today you can **earn money with video games **as a wide range of such games is available online with dramatic animations and features that are matchless.

Demography and Age group of Video Gamers in the US

Based on some research done by ESA, a leading legal support service provider in the industry of video games, the facts and figures that have come to the limelight are fascinating. The research shows that more than 166 million people, mostly adults, are associated with playing video games. The gaming culture is flourishing so much that almost three-quarters of the American population has at least one gamer in every household. If you further delve into the given statics generated by the study done by ESA, you will know the approximate percentage of men and women indulging themselves in the world of gaming. A rough estimation of 46% of gamers is found to be females, and about 54% of gamers are males.

The age group of gamers varies from a young age to over 37 years. Today, age does not matter much. Even elders are also growing interested in video games with the introduction of smartphones and rapid development in gaming software and applications that are readily available for download. A rough estimation shows that the figures for gamers’ age group range from about 7 years to 49 years around the globe.

What is a Professional Gamer?

A career in the gaming world can be a very new concept to some people across the globe. Yes, the trend may be new, but professional players are those who engage themselves in full-time gaming that too in the competitive mode. It helps the gamer to earn money with video games. You can be a team player or an individual competitor. Pro gamers generally have sponsors or teams who pay them on winning the competitions. Even most online gaming competitions also reward huge cash to the winners. Now, you might be wondering how to make money playing video games.

Steps to Become a Pro Gamer to Make Money with Video Games

To become a pro gamer, you will need to sketch out the plan and execute it appropriately to earn money out of it. So let us understand the techniques of becoming a pro gamer:

  • Pick the Game of Your Choice and Set Goals: Choosing the game of your choice is a crucial aspect that will influence you in winning. You can be a pro at the game of your choice for which you need is practice and patience.

Then decide upon becoming a real-time pro gamer that at times have to travel around their team to participate in gaming tournaments. To become a competitive pro gamer, it involves hardship at times. As you have to be on the move most of the times, but indeed it will fetch you a reasonable sum if you can win. Popular games like League of Legends World series has to offer its winning team a grand amount of $1 million which may generate an amount of $200k for each in the team. Dota2 has to offer prize money of $6.6 million to the victorious team, and statistically, it is the highest prize money trending in the world of electronic sports.

Keys to Success

  • The Practice is the Other Name for Triumph: As it is said, “Practice makes a man perfect!” so does a gamer. Practice enough to be efficient in the game of your choice. Indulge yourself to compete against best gamers of the world to lift up your level of gaming. With each passing day, you will find improvement in your gaming strategies, timing, etc. Before being a part of the pro team watch and follow games of other pro players across the world. Try to grab the techniques they follow to be at the top. Because at the end of the day, people want to view a top-notch game either for learning or for entertainment.

  • Participate in Gaming Events and Tournaments Organised Locally: Attending local events for gaming initially will assist you to socialize. The online gaming experience is different than gaming with competitors face to face. This new experience will boost confidence in you and will aid you in getting familiar with the techniques, rules, and regulations of the game. You may also find people matching your gaming capabilities or requirements. This way, you can create your own gamers team as well and earn money with video games. Helping each other among gamers of various levels will also brush up your basics and at the same time, improvise your gaming techniques.

  • Streaming Helps: The concept of gamer and streamer vary slightly. If you are a competitive gamer, there is no harm in becoming a pro streamer as well. Showing off your top-notch gaming skills to the world will fetch you some extra money. All you have to do is upload your stunning gaming videos through some specific platform or on YouTube to get viewed by people of gaming interests. When the gaming season is not at its peak, you can easily stream your pro gaming videos online with due permission and earn little fame and some riches too.

Some more Ways to Earn Money with Video Games

Apart from participating in competitive tournaments, which has grand prize money to offer and streaming your gaming videos online, you can also earn money by:

  • Become a Beta Tester: Many video game developer companies hire gamers to test their product before it is being launched. The job profile may not seem that exciting because the games you will be testing may not excite you and are generally underdeveloped. Your task will be to test the product and find out the faults and errors in it and also techniques to improvise the game to be more interesting.

  • Become a Reviewer for Video Games: For your reviews to have an impact, you should have followers. If you are a well-known face in the gaming world, it becomes easier to be a reviewer. You can make money with video games by record your reviews about it and upload it online via some trusted and verified platform to help fellow gamers or gamers who are new to the virtual world. Your reviews can help people to choose the appropriate game. You can sell your review videos to companies which market or distribute video games and have a profitable income.

  • Becoming a Service Support Personnel: With your expert knowledge of a gamer, joining a help desk for companies that design video games will assist you in the inflow of a consistent earning. You can give out information to help the customers in choosing the best video game and help them experience a world-class gaming skill.

As you now know **how to make money playing video games, **get started with the initial steps, and you can take up the gaming profession seriously to a different dimension altogether. You can become an entrepreneur in the most exciting field by turning your leisure games into some serious business.