Start saving money - with a piggy bank

Start saving money - with a piggy bank

About a year ago, I was thinking that I wanted to start saving money. The problem was that I didn't have the slightest idea where and how to start. But, it is also with saving money like with most other things in life. It's good as long as you just start - even without a plan.

Some change in my pocket

I noticed that I had a few coins in my pocket. I'm not a big fan of cash and pay pretty much anything by credit card (just for convenience). But smaller things, like ice cream or a beer in a football stadium, I pay with cash. That's because at some concession stands you can't pay with a card.

my pockets are a mess

I'm gonna tell you how my pocket looks from the inside. I have my key-chain there (I have a lot of keys(people even asked me the question if I work as a prison guard)). And usually, my headphones are flying around in there somewhere. As you can see, space is limited there. So change in my pocket just upsets me and takes away precious pocket-space. That's when I had the idea to put the change I had in my pockets in my piggy bank at the end of each day. What doesn't sound like much at first becomes more and more as time goes by.

one glass - a billion drops

For example, if you imagine a simple glass of water, it doesn't look like much. But think about it: The content of this glass consists of millions or even billions of small drops of water. That's depending on how big one imagines the drops of water to be. One drop alone cannot quench thirst. Not even 2-3 drops. Yet, if the glass is filled to the top, it can be a very good thirst quencher.

What a piggy bank has in common with that glass of water

We are now applying the same principle to our piggy bank. A few cents isn't much money, but if you collect all your change over a longer period of time, it's definitely worth it. If you put only 50 cents in your piggy bank every day, you will have exactly $182,50 after one year! A lot, isn't it? Imagine what you can do with this money. And image how much it will be after 10 years.

Invest smart

At some point, you should take it to the bank, though. Invest in something that pays dividends and or interest. This is where we start our snowball. It is also small when it starts to roll down the slope. But once it is in motion, it gets bigger and bigger.

Saving money - saving pounds

Putting your change in a piggy bank has other advantages, too. Often you buy some unhealthy stuff just because you happen to have some change in your pocket and want to get rid of it. But if you throw your change into your piggy bank at the end of the day, you won't be able to buy sweets or other junk food the next day. If you want to read more about a healthy diet, click here.

Can't buy sweets if you have no money to buy sweets. -

So if you're thinking about how to start saving some money as I did about a year ago, just start with this simple piggy bank trick. What sounds like little in the beginning and looks like little, becomes more and more in the course of time.