The 5 Best Pens for Bullet Journal

The 5 Best Pens for Bullet Journal

Do you know that the kind of pen that you use while taking notes on your bullet journal matters a lot? You spend a considerable chunk of your time choosing the best bullet journal that is sleek and presentable to give you the organized appeal as you meet the high profile, business partners. But do you apply the same kind of caution and keenness while choosing the best pens for bullet journal? Well, if you don’t, then you’ve been doing things in the wrong way all through. There are selected pens that will make your note taking enjoyable than you’ve ever thought about.

The best pens for bullet journal are specifically designed for that purpose. Sounds a marketing hype, right? Not at all. If you’ve bought just any pen without considering its qualities, you know what I mean. It’s absolutely true that there is a direct correlation in the quality of note taking to the kind of pen that is used. Remember that manufacturers are out to sell you their products without considering if they’ll be helpful to your work. That is why you need to get a bit more careful while selecting the best pens for your bullet journal.

As there is a myriad of them online, I’ve summarized the most suitable for note taking to save you the hectic of having to go through the endless rumble of information looking for what to use. Have a look at the following kinds and if you’ve never used them, give it a try. You’ll be surprised at how simple, and enjoyable note taking can be while you are using the best pens for bullet journal.

Sharpie Fine Pen

This ranks among the best pens for bullet journal and many high profile individuals like using it. Among the most recognizable features of this fantastic pen include the following:

Medium-size tip

The pen has a medium sized tip that delivers bold ink to provide you with a visible print that you can read even from a distance. This is the best pen for those who have problems reading small prints.

*Proper ink acidity *

The most annoying thing while note taking is a pen that delivers ink that spreads to other parts and ending up concealing other crucial written information. For Sharpie Fine Pens, this is never experienced. The ink barely spreads from the writing point. Also, do you know that acidic ink in harmful to the long term durability of your notes? Acidic ink digests the paper with time and encourages fading out of the notes as well as destroying the paper. Even a high-quality bullet journal paper is not safe from acidic ink. The Sharpie Fine Pens’ ink is of the right acidity limits ensuring that such damages are unlikely.

Water-resistant ink

Additionally, the ink is water resistant. This means that your notes remain in good condition even if the notebook accidentally comes into contact with water or your favorite drink. The ink used is also high quality meaning that it cannot easily fade over time. The ultimate aim of taking notes is enabling referencing in the future. With this pen, you can be sure that your notes are readable even after many years.

*Fine point *

The pen’s point is fine measuring 0.8mm, and this is meant to avoid the release of large amounts of ink that encourages spreading to unwanted areas.

Rubber grip sides

The comfort that one gets while using the pen is also incredible. The sides are embedded with a rubber grip that is soft and offers improved comfort during note taking even for long hours. The features make it one of the best pens for bullet journal, and you need to use one to attest that the features mentioned above are just understated. There’s undoubtedly more to enjoy while using the Sharpie Fine pens.

Paper Mate Flair Felt-Tipped Pen

These are some of the most underrated pens in journal writing, yet they rank among the top. Those who have used them can attest that they exude quality. Some of the most vital features of the pens include the following:

Medium felt tip

The pen features a medium felt tip that measures 0.7mm. The tip is designed to produce bold lines that are easily readable. As an expressive note taker, this is exactly what you need to scribble down the crucial information that you need in the future.

Unfading ink

Everyone hates smears on their notes, and this is the right kind of pen to use to avoid it. Also, no serious note taker would entertain fading of the crucial bits. Imagine losing what you savored most just because you used a pen that fades just after a short period. Go for the Paper Mate Flair Felt-tipped pen, and that will be history.

*Water-resistant ink *

The pen uses water-resistant ink, and this is a plus considering how it is likely for your bullet journal to come into contact with water accidentally. Therefore, bleeding is unimaginable while using this kind of pen.

A tip guard to prevent fraying

The pen also features a tip guard that is designed to prevent any probability of fraying. With the pen, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from taking clear notes. It’s now time to try out this incredible pen, and you’ll be surprised at how good it is in journal taking despite it retailing at a pocket-friendly price.

Staedtler 8 Pigment Liner Fineliner Pens

Note taking isn’t all about writing. You require to make sketches as well, especially in you are involved in architectural work. Also, some things are best represented in drawings rather than in writing. For this purpose, you should consider owning a pen that is capable of making sketches on your bullet journal. The Staedtler 8 Pigment Liner Fineliner ranks among the top cream of best pens for bullet journal. Wondering why it is that highly rated? The following are some of the notable features that set this pen apart from the rest:

*Dry-safe ink *

Many people often forget capping their pens after use, and this causes drying of the ink after sometime rendering the pen useless. Such an issue is not probable while using the Staedtler 8 Pigment Liner Fineliner Pens as they use dry safe ink. The pen can stay uncapped for an extended period without the ink drying up.

Permanent ink indelibility

As mentioned earlier, the pen is suitable for drawing sketches. It is common to make mistakes while sketching, and you sometimes need to erase something that has gone amiss. This is the most appropriate pen to use for that purpose as its ink can be easily be deleted while used on a drawing film. This, however, doesn’t mean that your information is easily lost while written on your notebook. The deleting is only applicable while used on a drawing film. On another kind of paper, the ink is indelible and stays in readable form for many years. The ink also doesn’t bleed to other parts while writing.

*Waterproof ink *

The Staedtler 8 Pigment Liner Fineliner Pens also have waterproof ink that is resistant from smearing if the bullet journal comes into contact with water.

*Ideal for sketching *

Also, the pen can be used with a ruler comfortably, making it the ultimate pen for drawing accurate sketches on your bullet journal. It is undoubtedly the best accompaniment for drawing professionals who spend most of their time making sketches and little writing.

Pigma Microns

Are you the kind of guys who insist on buying a pen of a particular color? If you are, these pens are your kind. The pens are retailed in a variety of colors that include black, red, blue, green and purple. Some of the other characteristic features of the pen that makes it a useful accompaniment in use for bullet journals include the following:

*Great versatility *

The pen is useful for numerous tasks, and its versatility makes it unique. The pen can be used for making entries in a journal, sketching, making illustrations and many other uses.

Suitable for acid-free paper use

The pen is also one of the best for use in acid-free paper. The issue of acidity is one that requires much attention as it can cause immense damage to your paper. You need to ensure that you keep off pens that use acidic ink as they encourage spreading of the writing to many other parts.

A set of six pens out of the box

The pens are sold in a set comprising of six pens in one package. This is more economical for the buyer than having to buy a single pen.


Lepen is also among the best pens for bullet journal and here are some of the major reasons:

Sleek ergonomic design

The captivating feature about Lepen that makes them one of the best pens for your bullet journal is the sleek design barrel. The pen can be easily held while taking notes for an extended period without causing discomfort to the user.

No discoloration

Its ink contains no acidic component, meaning that your bullet journal is safe from discoloration.


The pen doesn’t contain any toxic property, and this is an important factor to consider while buying a pen as your health matters a lot. Remember that you’ll be having this pen almost at all times, especially if you occasionally take notes. A toxic ink is likely to cause cancerous developments, and this is something that everyone is keen to avoid.

Great versatility

From sketching to writing, the pen has an array of uses.

Final words

The best pens for bullet journal should contain particular features such as the above-listed ones. Do not buy any pen from the bookstore if you want to have your notes in a readable state after many years. Settle for any of the above-listed types based on your preferences, and you will not regret a thing.