Why drinking water is important for weight loss

Why drinking water is important for weight loss

Water can do more than most of us know. One of which is helping with weight loss by just regulating the consumption of water alone. Though the effect is minor, they are a great aid to shed excess kilos without much effort.

Water, as we know, is an essential ingredient for all life forms for the earth. Our human body entirely depends on water to function, and it is more important than food. Why because we can last weeks without food, whereas we can’t go beyond a few days without water as dehydration will cause many existential problems. Similarly, in taking the water of defined value and intervals helps in weight loss in many ways. Here, we will see how water is essential, how does it aid weight loss along with right water drinking habits and how to stick to the schedule.

Significance of Water

The most vital fluid on earth for living beings is available widely, most of which are not consumable. Human’s food consumption contains a lot of water either directly or indirectly through fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. Absence of water in body or dehydration might sound less harmful, but if you know the real depth of it, you will never let your body dehydrate for any reason. Dehydration leads to the manufacturing of the body by obstructing the functionality of two central systems in the body.

The digestive system requires enough amount of water in the body for metabolism to happen effectively, without which there is not enough energy for cells to function. Likely kidney, the critical part of the excretory system does not retain toxins but retains the left-out water, which leads to the pumping of impure blood throughout the body which leads to many health issues starting from high body temperatures and inability to work.

Why Drinking Water is Important for Weight Loss

Like drinking an insufficient amount of water having huge effects on the human body, drinking enough water or little over it can do the opposite of what we saw, which favors healthy living. One of the key benefits of having a good water cycle is weight-loss. Do not fear weight loss if you are fit and toned. Burning excess weight stored in the form of fat and proper excretion of waste is how enough water consumption helps to shed the extra kilos. Here are some of the well-known benefits that take effect on water consumption.

Water can Help Reduce Food Consumption

The hungriness and thirst are two different feelings but often mistaken for one another. When there is not any food in the stomach, the brain is signaled of hunger, but that does not necessarily mean food hungry, sometime dehydration might be the reason for such feelings — taking enough water before every meal should occupy space that usually food fills. Drinking water before a meal makes for the filled feeling when consuming less food than before. A 2014 study proves to have 500 ml of water before 30 minutes of every meal by overweight females over a short period resulted in a marginal weight loss due to lesser food intake.

Water as a Necessary Ingredient to Burn Fat

Water as a Necessary Ingredient to Burn Fat - failedsuccessfully.com

Metabolism happens sluggishly and improperly when there is not enough water in the body, which is why dehydration often leads to indigestion often leading to diarrhea and loose motion. When there is enough water, metabolism takes place the way it is supposed to be and converts food into usable energy. As a part of which, stored unwanted and excess fat is burned. The fat-burning process known as lipolysis requires hydrolysis to take place effectively, which involves a lot of water. Having enough water as needed can cause excess fat burn 2 - 3%.

Increase Calorie Burning

Water is an essential part of functioning for body organs has a positive impact on body temperature calorie burning too. Consumption of 500 ML of cold water proved about 3% of additional calorie burning than their usual self in the next 90 minutes. This makes a difference even in the rest position. It is due to the cooling nature of the water that tends to lower the body temperature, but the immune system, on the other hand, functioning to maintain body temperature thereby spending some calories.

Water and Waste Removal

Water has a lot to do with the excretory system. Dehydration might cause significant variation in excretion. Kidney fails to do its destined function of removing toxins, wastes products from the blood and instead absorbs water content during the dehydrated state. Thereby, the waste stored in the body contributes to putting weight. Taking enough water flushes out all the daily wastes preventing your body bloated with impurities. It affects the faces. Dehydration leads to the formation of lumpy and constipated stools and abnormal bowel movements. Having enough water is essential for excretory functionalities to take place in the right way.

Water as an Alternative to Intermediate Cravings

It is difficult to find the difference between hunger and thirst when you are not in a regular food and water cycle with healthy food. It is often notified as hunger by our brain, but often taking a tall glass of water should suffice the situation. Using water as an alternative to snacks between meals offers a fulfilled feeling at least for an hour after which another glass of water should do the trick. Consuming water instead of snacking reduced a lot of calories when considered for a whole day saving calories. If you think, water only replaces solid food, sports drinks and aerated drinks also have calories; water is preferably the best alternative for any cravings apart from the meal. A study on overweight female proves water replaced with caloric beverages like sodas and sport drinks reduced 2- 2.5% weight in 6 months.

Water as a Stimulant to Work Out

Workout, the critical aspect of most weight-loss plans has the right amount of dependence on water. Enough water content is required for the functioning of muscles, joints and connective tissues to move efficiently. You must have recognized trainers advising to take water before, after and during the workout session, which is mainly because of this. Keeping yourself hydrated can make for a longer workout time than otherwise. Do not wait for the thirst to arise, while you are working out at the gym because it means your body has already run out of essential fluids and has slowed down. Keep refilling with water once a while whenever you take a break.

How much Water should You Drink Daily?

How much Water should You Drink Daily? - failedsuccessfully.com

Water requirement is subjective to individuals to an extent. However, it can be generalized based on researches by medical bodies. The major factors affecting water consumption are:

  • Age and Gender: These are probably the most significant factors to take into account to get to know your water consumption level. In general, females require 20% less water than the male of the same age category.
  • Activity Level: It depends on your lifestyle whether you walk to your office, physical work, etc. to decide.
  • Health Status: It includes any abnormalities in the body relating to internal functioning, allergies, and other disorders.
  • Temperature and Humidity: The factors that relate to geographical aspects matter to an extent, which can be found indexed based on your country or continent.

Water consumption levels though might vary to an extent falls within the size of 2,500 to 3,000 mL/day for adult women and 3,500 to 4,000 mL/day for adult men.

Looking into the consumption senses by National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey 2005–2010, many people do not take enough water as stipulated especially older adults who are in their middle age. Adolescents have the highest rate of meeting required water consumption levels. Amongst people aged between 20 – 50 only 57.3% of men and 59.4 percent of women consume enough water daily. The condition worsens with people over the age of 70 averaging around 90 percent failing to meet the standards.

How to Keep Track of Water Consumption

Drinking water is a regular, day-to-day activity that is why many of us not take it seriously. To consume the recommended amount of water, maintaining a water table will help.

The way water table works is if you are targeting to drink 4 liters of water every day, make a water cycle of 4 liters in a note or get a smartphone application to keep track of it. Get a bottle of one liter that means you must fill in and empty it at least four times. Carry it around wherever you go, which will be continually remembering you to stay hydrated all the time. Note down your water intake in the mobile app immediately to track it. Such apps come with the additional benefit of automatic notifications of having water as scheduled. Here are some other tips that will help you maintain the water drinking habit efficiently:

  • Stick to a compulsive water cycle of having a certain amount of water with every meal either before or after with a small gap
  • Carry water in reusable water wherever you go as part of your profession
  • Frequent hydration while exercising with excess water helps for longer workout sessions.
  • If you are allowed of calories, take enough soups, stews, and juices which counts for water intake.
  • Eat fruits and fresh vegetables for hydration of the body to a reasonable extent. Learn here how to start eating healthy
  • Consuming water will help regulate body temperature in humid, warm and sunny conditions.

You have understood what a simple alteration and scheduling of water consumption habits can have an excellent effect on body functioning and weight loss.